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Plants in these collections will be double fans or better, except for cultivars we only sell as single fans.

Purple Pleasures—Two Double Returns and one Purple Pinwheel. A lovely combination! A $17.00 value for $15.00. Double Returns is a pretty yellow double rebloomer (our photo looks a bit washed out~ it really is yellow!). Purple Pinwheel is limited, so don't wait!

Three Pinks in a Pod—One each of Serpentine, Making Friends, and Sabra Salina. These blend nicely and their bloom seasons overlap. A $19.00 value for only $15.00!

Purple Friends—Three Siloam Button Box, and one each of Nivia Guest, Desdemona, and Dark Castle, all of which pair nicely with Siloam Button Box. A $25.00 value for only $20.00. A great larger collection.

Dark Wonder Small—One Heritage Plantation and one Dark-eyed Magic. A nice combination. An $11.00 value for $10.00.

Dark Wonder Large—Two Heritage Plantation and three Dark-eyed Magic. A nice combination. A $27.00 value for just $22.00.

Double Trouble—Two Femme Fatale and two Double Grapette. An $18.00 value for $16.00.

Doodlebug and Company—One Heritage Plantation, two Siloam Doodlebug, and one Wind Song. This collection really "pops"! Enjoy it for only $19.00 ($4.00 off!).

Light Up My Life!—Hot Pepper and Great Chieftain. One each. A $10.00 value for $9.00.

Small Friends ~ Purple—Siloam Button Box, Vienna, Exotic Echo, Siloam David Kirchoff, and Siloam Merle Kent. One each. Enjoy these five adorable purple/lavender daylilies for $25.00 (a savings of $2.00). Stella d' Oro really sets off Siloam David Kirchoff, so if you don't already have that one, grab one today! Supplies of some of these are limited, so if you want all five, don't wait!

Twice as Nice—Love double daylilies but can't decide which ones to get? How about a grab bag for only $30.00? You will receive at least five different double daylilies.They won't necessarily match, but they will be pretty! Please note that these will be named cultivars and will be labeled. The grab bag will also include some of our higher priced doubles.

The value of the daylilies will be at least $30.00

After the Show—Sammy Russell, Lavender Deal, and Castillian. One each. Just $11.00 (instead of $15.00) ~ while stock lasts. Tuck these into your flower beds and borders for some color later in the daylily season—after the main show! Please note that this is not supposed to be a matching collection.

You must order these by collection name to get the discount.

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