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About Us

Laurel Hill Nursery is a family owned and operated nursery specializing in daylilies. We are located in Grayson County Virginia. We're approximately one mile east of Grayson Highlands State Park.

We the Owners . . .

Loves flower gardening and can usually be found somewhere in a flower bed-when she's not in the daylily patch. Has been growing daylilies for more than twenty years. She also enjoys watching and hand-feeding birds.

Expert daylily digger. He also enjoys growing anything that is edible.

Spends most of her time deadheading daylilies-or so it seems!

. . . and our excellent volunteer staff

Talks to customers and shows them the prettiest daylilies (which can be quite helpful when there are two or three hundred blooming at the same time!). Also talks to customers' spouses, shows them the new grapes and the hardy kiwis, and otherwise keeps them from getting bored.

Pest Control - specializes in deer and rabbits.

Fred and Peggy Lee.
Formerly our pest control experts, both have passed away.

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